Forex position size calculator mt4

forex position size calculator mt4

display to Margin tab. When Pending order is used, the Entry level can be set either via panel's input or by dragging the chart line. The panel can be moved freely across the chart. Fixed a bug when, in the MT5 version only, the line label colors depended on the line colors input parameters rather than on the label colors input parameters. Takeprofit_line_style (default style_solid) take-profit line style. Fixed panel resizing bug. Risk input you can set your tolerated risk in percentage of the account size. Balance_font_color (default clrLightBlue) font color for account size display. For example, this could be some funds you hold outside the broker's account but consider a part of your Forex risk capital. Account size (balance, equity, or even your savings free no deposit bonus forex malaysia account).

Max Entry/SL distance the script will not trade if distance between the Entry level and Stop-Loss level becomes greater than this value. Its purpose is to help Forex traders calculate position size for their allowed risk size and the given position parameters. Entry input grayed out when Instant order is used, can be used enter entry level when Pending order is set. MoneyRisk (default 0) tolerated risk in account currency. Margin_font_color (default clrSlateBlue) font color for margin display.

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forex position size calculator mt4

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