Forex signal 30 extreme review

forex signal 30 extreme review

difference, or it only makes the reel feel smoother? Is it worth it? Boca's and pike are made for each other. But the question is: Is it all worth it? Observations: With the manufacturer, original, bearings (almost 12 years old, since this Morrum was mada according to its serial number) Razvan used to cast with the tension know completely untightened, and the magnetic brake set to 5, out. The cold was keeping us company. Boca Bearings abec 7 Orange seals, throwing.5g (3/16 oz 10g (3/8 oz) and 15g (about 1/2 oz) weights. Not the best casting rod, but it was the one that loaded the best with all the weights used in the test. Ive changed all my spool bearings to Bocas, if thats any consolation, and will continue to do so in the future with all my new reels.

Do boca bearings really make a difference

forex signal 30 extreme review

Thats for everyone to decide. In the past years tuning and customizing reels got a voice of its own, and starts to change the face of fishing. They are by far the cheapest quality upgrade, excepting the carbontex drag. A few adjustments from the tension knob here and there, and off. As youve seen the decade old ABU had poor performance with the original bearings, and excelled with the Boca bearings, the difference being the most noticeable. Considering well do the testing only for a few hours, we decided to leave the bearings dry Weve tested them afterwards, oiled, and actually didnt feel the difference (using Friction Zero ZPI oil or High Speed Oil from Boca). The gain in performance with the Scorpion is less evident, but if you come to think about it, with a 1/2 oz weight, theres a very visible difference in casting distance, even with this new generation reel, this distance will definitely improve your catching chances. Imano Scorpion 1501 XT casting distance: Shimano Scorpion 1501 XT Original Bearings.5 gr (3/16 oz) 32 m 34 m 35 m 37 m 36.8 m 10 gr (3/8 oz) 47 m 48 m 48 m 46 m 46 m 47. Its obvious Orange Seal Bocas are a gain in performance. In the end, we calculated the arithmetic average of the 5 distances measured.

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